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Industrial Automation using GSM modem

         Project Cost :    Rupee 10,000/-

Available in: 7 Days

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Automatic room light controller   Automatic room light controller with visitor couonter   visitor couonter     

CD You will get a CD with this project:
CD contains following things:

1) Project Report
2) Circuit diagram
3) PCB layout
4) Microcontroller program in assembley language
5) Hex file of the microcontroller code
6) Datasheets of all the components / ICs used in the project

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Now days, marketing demands are increasing continuously. If you can't satisfy demand then you will knock out of the race. There is no time limit for work. So in modern industry, it needs to give alignment without going on field. Our project satisfies this need by using a GSM modem.

Consider one case, that you are field engineer, company will start at 9 o'clock. But you have to turn on boiler at 7 o'clock to start working at 9 o'clock. In this case you have to go at 7 o'clock but by using this project you can start boiler by just giving command from your mobile. Boiler is just example you can turn on or turn off any controlling device.

Now consider another case, you need to monitor few parameters in the industry, say Humidity in a paint shop machine or a critical thing like LPG gas leakage, then you need to be present in the industry/plant. The second part of our project meets this requirement, it monitors the parameters on the LCD and at the same time sends a sms containing the values of these parameters.

For controlling the relays, you have to send sms the GSM modem which you have set on field. This GSM modem will receive your SMS. Then particular relay is turned on/off by reading the sms.

Block Diagram:

RFid Based toll collection System

1. No need to go on field.
2. Higher reliability.
3. Cost effective.
4. Fast and efficient

1. Industrial automation.
2. Can also be used for security purpose after modification.
3. In places where control of action has not any time limit.

Future Development:
1. We can monitor and control more parameters and devices.
2. Voice announcement system can be added to indicate device conditions.

Question and answers about this project:

Question: Which type of GSM Modem you have used? Can we use Mobile instead of GSM modem?
Answer: We have used SIMCOM300 GSM modem. No, we can not replace GSM modem by Mobile in this project.

Question : What method of communication is being used in this project. Is it by SMS or by phone call? Because i am interested in buying one that using SMS based communication.
Answer :   This project used SMS communication method. For DTMF based communication, visit this page: www.projectsof8051.com/projects/36-industrial-automation-using-cellphone.html

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