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Cell phone Operated Landrover Robot

         Project Cost :    Rupee 4,600/-

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CD You will get a CD with this project:
CD contains following things:

1) Project Report
2) Circuit diagram
3) PCB layout
4) Microcontroller program in assembley language
5) Hex file of the microcontroller code
6) Datasheets of all the components / ICs used in the project

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Cellphone operated landrover robot project requires two mobile phones. First mobile is connected to the "Cell phone Operated Landrover Robot". The other mobile is the controlling mobile phone. User has to dial a call to the mobile phone attached to the robot. While the call is connected, if any key on mobile phone is pressed, a "Dual Tone Multiple-Frequency" (DTMF) tone is sent. The robot receives this DTMF tone with the help of the phone attached to the robot. This DTMF tone is processed by the decoder IC. The microcontroller then operate the motors.

Block Diagram:
Mobile Controlled Robot

Description in detail:
12V battery is used as the power supply for the circuit and the motors.
When user dials a call, and then presses a key on his mobile handset, the tone that is generated is decoded by the decoder IC and the command is passed to the microcontroller. This microcontroller is pre-programmed.
The Microcontroller then passes the command to the motor driver ICs for motion.

Applications of Cell phone operated landrover robot

1)Cell phone controlled robot can be used in the borders for disposing hidden land mines.
2) The robot can be used for reconnaissance or surveillance.
3) The robot can be used anywhere there is the service provider tower of the connection provided that is mounted on the robot.
4) The robot is small in size so can be used for spying.

Video of the project: Cell operated land rover

Question and answers about Cell phone operated Robot project:

Question :   Do you provide mobile or cell phone with the project? Does mobile handset included in project kit?
Answer   :   No, we don't provide mobile or handset with the project.

Question :   What extra features can be added with this project ? Can we enhance this project to add some more modules?
Answer   :   Yes, we can enhance this project.We can add these Modules: LPG gas sensor, Temperature sensor, Wireless camera etc.

Question :   Can we replace mobile by RF remote? Can we interface RF module to the micro controller using (HT 12E and HT 12D) ?
Answer   :   Yes, this can be done. RF controlling technique can be an alternative to the Mobile controlling.

Question :   What are the advantages over SMS based controlling. I mean controlling of Robot by sending sms using a GSM modem?
Answer   :   The main advantage is the faster operating speed. In SMS based controlling of Robot, you need to send 1 sms for 1 motion. But in 1 call you can execute multiple motions. Another advantage is that Call based controlling is cost effective than sms based controlling.

Question :   What is the controlling range ? What is the maximum distance between the controlling mobile and receiving mobile ?
Answer   :   This project uses mobile technology and since mobile has very large range, the project also has very large range. But finally it depends on the coverage of the mobile network.

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