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GPS based Landmark Information Announcer for Tourists


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This project is implemented using a GPS modem and a voice recorder IC and a LCD display. GPS enabled tour assistant is expected to replace tourist guides to an extent. Its a voice enabled device that speaks out as the tourist is traveling from places to places. When the tourist is standing near major landmarks, it will detect my location and will play an audio clip relevant to that location. This is achieved by getting the location information from a GPS receiver and cross matching them with audio files and their geo tags. Audio files are tagged with location coordinates and a tolerance range. In a particular location, the files that match the tolerance range are played. To put it simply the product is an audio player with a GPS receiver on it.

Block Diagram:

Description in detail:
It mainly consist of following blocks
1) Microcontroller: This is the CPU (central processing unit) of our project. We are going to use a microcontroller of 8051 family. The various functions of microcontroller are like I. Reading the digital input from GPS receiver II. Reading data from memory III. Reading input command from Keypad. IV. Sending pulses to voice recorder IC.
2) LCD: This device is used to display messages on the LCD display.
3) Memory: Used to store information of well known spots like temple, bus stops, hotel (Longitude and latitude), and the respective audio files.
4) GPS receiver: This is the receiver which will give position in terms of Longitude and latitude, of the place.
5) MAX232: This is RS232 to TTL convertor as Microcontroller understands only TTL input.
6) Audio Amplifier and speaker interface: This interface is to play Audio data stored in voice recorder IC according to the position of unit.

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Question and answers about this project:

Question: How many locations / GPS co-ordinates will be stored in this project?
Answer: We are going to store 3 locations.