Rolling display using Matrix LEDs

Rolling display using Matrix LEDs

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Free Shipping in India


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CD contains following things:

  1. Project Report in doc (word) format
  2. Circuit diagram
  3. PCB layout
  4. Microcontroller program in assembley language
  5. Hex file of the microcontroller code
  6. Datasheets of all the components / ICs used in the project

Size, Dimensions and LEDs:

Actual Size of Matrix LED display = 360mm x 60 mm

Total LEDs in the Matrix LED display = 384 LEDs

Columns (Height) = 8 LEDs and Rows (Width) = 48 LEDs


This project can be used for Advertising or for providing information at various places like schools, colleges, government offices, shops, hospitals, railway stations. The Rolling display is prepared using 5 X 8 Matrix LEDs which means LEDs are arranged in a pattern consisting of 5 columns and 8 rows. A matrix of 5 X 8 LEDs contribute to a single character. Here we have used 6 characters which means 6 matrices. The actual physical diamension of single matrix is 60 mm by 60 mm, so diamension of complete display is 360 mm by 60 mm. A keypad used to select which message has to be displayed. These messages are stored in a EEPROM. PC interfacing is used for receiving data from computer.

Block Diagram:

Rolling display using Matrix LEDs

Description in detail:

Description in detail:
It mainly consist of following blocks
1. 5 x 8 Matrix LEDs: We have to display characters in the messages, for this purpose we are going to use 5 X 8 matrix of LEDs. A single matrix consists of 5 columns and 8 rows. The actual physical diamension of single matrix is 60 mm by 60 mm.
2. Control Unit: This unit is used to select the matrices sequentially, control unit gets input from Microcontroller and then gives output to individual matrix. Only one matrix is selcted at a time so as to display a character.
3. Microcontroller: This is the CPU (central processing unit) of our project. We are going to use a microcontroller which belongs to the 8051 family. The various functions of microcontroller are like
I. Reading input from Keypad and store it into EEPROM II. Sending data to Data bus so that it displays characters on the Matrix. III. Storing the data into EEPROM memory and display it later using Matrix. IV. Receiving data from the computer using serial port
4. EEPROM: We are going to use EEPROM memory, it is Electrically erasable programmable read only memory. It stores the data even if power supply is disconnected. This is used to the characters which has to be displayed on the Matrix display.
5. PC Interfacing: We are going to use max 232 IC for pc interfacing, the values of message to be diplayed on Matrix LEDs will be received from PC.
6. Keypad: Various operations of keypad are as following,
I. Start / Stop display.
II. Select message to be displayed.
III. Receive data from the Computer

Applications and Advantages:

1. Can be used at public transport places like bus stop, railway station, airport. For displaying various important messages.
2. In hospitals, schools, colleges

Future Development:

1. We can use GSM technology to receive the data from remote location.
2. Voice alarm system can be added to the system.

Video of the project: Moving message display

Question and answers about this project:

Question: Can we operate this project on a 12 volt battery?

Answer: Yes, we can operate this project on a battery of 12 volt.

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