Baby Incubator

Baby Incubator

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Free Shipping in India


You will get a CD with this project:

CD contains following things:

  1. Project Report in pdf format and in doc (word) format
  2. Circuit diagram
  3. PCB layout
  4. Microcontroller program in assembley language
  5. Hex file of the microcontroller code
  6. Datasheets of all the components / ICs used in the project


Incubators are attracting interest from the medical profession. They are glass and metal cases heated to certain Humidity, into which enough air is admitted to maintain life. Until such time as infant is strong enough for Humidity of room.

In baby incubator Humidity control is very important. And therefore we are controlling the Humidity according to our requirements. Humidity controller can be done by using Electronic circuit, Microprocessor & microcontroller.

Now microcontroller is advanced among all above circuits therefore we are using Microcontroller for Humidity controlling of baby incubator

Block Diagram:

Baby Incubator

Description in detail:

It mainly consist of following blocks:

Micro-controller board: It is a low-power, high-performance CMOS 8-bit microcomputer with 4K bytes of Flash Programmable and Erasable Read Only Memory PEROM). The device is manufactured using Atmel s high-density nonvolatile memory technology and is compatible with the MCS-51. Instruction set and pin out. The on chip Flash allows the program memory to be reprogrammed in-system or by a conventional nonvolatile memory programmer. By combining a versatile 8-bit CPU with Flash on a monolithic chip, it provides a highly flexible and cost effective solution so many embedded control applications.

Humidity Sensor Block: The Humidity sensed by using Humidity Sensor. The output voltage of Humidity Sensor varies in liner proportion with the Humidity.
ADC Block: ADC means analog to digital converter. The output of signal conditioning is in the analog form. But Microprocessor requires input in digital form for this purpose we have to use ADC.

Amplifier Block: Output signal from micro-controller 89C51 is weak so we have to amplify that signal. Amplifier block amplifies the signal for driving the final control element i.e. output device. For amplification Transistor BC 547 is used.

Output Block: In this project we are using FAN and Soldering Gun as output device. If Humidity is below set point then Soldering gun is ON and Humidity will start to increase and when Humidity is above set point then Fan is ON so that Humidity will start to decrease

Display Block: In this project we are using 16 X 2 intelligent LCD display to display the college name, Humidity set point and very important is Humidity of baby incubator.

Applications and Advantages:

1) This project can be used in Hospitals.

2) Our project is used for warming babies. It is used for warming prematured baby and weak babies

Future Development:

1) We can monitor more parameters like oxygen level and at the same time control them

2) We can send this data to a remote location using mobile or internet

3) We can draw graphs of variations in these parameters using computer

Video of the project: Baby Incubator

Youtube video coming soon

Question and answers about this project:

Question: How much time will it take to reach project by courier?

Answer: It will take 2 days to complete the proejct. And then 2 to 3 days to courier the project.

Question: We want to sense the temperature of the baby as well as the just nearby surrounding of the baby. We should control either the babys body temperature or the surrounding temperature of the baby. We should control the temperature precisely. Also we have to provide various alarms for the temperature exceed, any liquid fallen over there near the baby. We have to control the heater which will maintain the temperature that we desire. Also we would like to include respiration rate and pulse rate measurement and display. The heater that we need should be controllable. Its output heat should be adjustable so that the resultant temperature can also be adjusted. Are these features available in this project?

Answer: No, currently these features are not available. Project mentioned above can monitor humidity and temperature of the environment inside Glass enclosure (called incubator)


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  • sai vikas says:

    where can we come and meet you ..??????

    • Microtronics Technologies says:

      You can meet us at Pune — Ravet(Akurdi). Our detailed adderss is given on Contact us page. Click here:

      • BHAVESH says:

        hello, sir
        Is it possible to send data of baby’s body temperature and air
        temperature at the remote place by help of design which u have available (model no. 1165)?

        • Microtronics Technologies says:

          Hi Bhavesh, yes it is possible. We can send the data to remote place through SMS using GSM modem. For this purpose we have to implement GSM technology in this project. We can connect sim900 gsm modem to the microcontroller. Then microcontroller will give instruction to gsm modem to send the sms using AT commands.

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